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Complement your teams with telecommuting talent from abroad

Provision of a dedicated manager and HR tools tools for optimal management

Definition of a recruitment strategy according to expertise required

Workin takes care of all administrative aspects


The extent of globalization and the recent worldwide pandemic have accelerated the development of new working methods. A phenomenon has emerged involving the relocation of skilled jobs to telecommuting: telemigration.

WorkinRemote specializes in the provision of teleworking personnel. Our teams are experts in staff placementwork environment management and skilled labor integration.

Outsource part of your

resources abroad

With the current labor shortage and the drive to cut costs, it’s more important than ever to find innovative solutions to keep your markets growing.

Expand your team
from our offices abroad

The Workin Remote team takes a close look at your project and designs a strategic plan specifically for you.

We review the entire project, taking into account budget, specific needs, target countries and overall organization. This enables us to prepare a tailor-made strategy to offer you the best possible approach.

Depending on your needs and expectations, we can offer you talent from 13 countries.

Based on our experience and several tests, we have drawn up our selection of the most suitable countries for the jobs we are looking for.

Each customer benefits from the dedicated support of a locally-based manager. His or her mission is to ensure the well-being of the local employee, and a smooth collaboration between the employer and the talent abroad.

In addition, WorkinRemote takes care of the complete set-up of the teleworker’s work environment.

We guarantee the provision of optimal workspace,top-of-the-range Internet connection and functional IT tools, all of which are essential to the success of our assignments.

To ensure optimal working conditions, WorkinRemote maintains continuous monitoring to ensure that teleworkers can perform their tasks in the best possible conditions.

Every month, you’ll receive an invoice for all services from our head office in Canada.

All administrative procedures, salary payments and tax obligations concerning employees are handled by our foreign entities.

You can pay your monthly bill at our head office in Canada.

Each of our employees benefits from a three-month trial period, during which the collaboration can be terminated at any time.

After this initial period, you have the flexibility to terminate the collaboration by providing one month’s notice.

All local formalities are handled by our team

The pricing model is based on an hourly rate, and is determined according to the profile sought (skills, years of experience, availability, nature of the project) and the nationality selected.

The Workin Remote team will be able to provide you with price ranges tailored to jobs and countries.

It may be possible to carry out remote trials with certain talents before making a permanent hire in Canada.

This approach gives you the opportunity to assess the talent’s fit with your teams and put their skills to the test.

What’s more, this allows us to start working together during the work permit application process, and to overcome immigration delays.

Benefit from a vast global network and unlimited skills.


A process quickly put in place.

We guarantee a short list of candidates within 4 weeks .


Save time on HR management, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

We offer you access to an extremely user-friendly HR platform.

This application includes features such as:
– Time sheet entry
– Time and attendance system
– Attendance tracking
– Leave management
– Time tracking of projects
– Facial recognition to ensure accuracy of attendance and much more.

Our platform is specially designed to facilitate remote human resources management.

Our team will guide you through the use of this platform to ensure total transparency of activities.

What’s more, your local manager will organize a weekly meeting with you for the first three months of business, to ensure that the set-up goes smoothly.

This approach is designed to ensure smooth communication and rapid resolution of any needs or queries.

Everything is included: offices, computer equipment, internet, furnishings

Take advantage of qualified talents with diplomas in their field. Workin Remote provides training for teleworkers on the culture of the customer’s country for the first three months.

Optimize your management flexibility while keeping your costs under control.

Depending on the position, you can make substantial savings on salaries.

In developing countries, Workin Remote is committed to remunerating its talent above the local average wage, demonstrating our commitment to fair compensation.



resources abroad

Once reserved for large companies, it is now available to all.

Bombardier, ScotiaBank, Rogers, Videotron, Bell, Manulife, SNC-Lavalin and others have been pioneers in the adoption of offshoring.

Why not also take advantage of the innovative recruitment methods adopted by these visionary companies?


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