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4 Expertises - 4 Strategies

Optimize your workforce with Workin,
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our 4 offers

The Workin Group offers 4 innovative and strategic solutions to talent shortages across Canada.

Workin Canada

recruits worldwide

thanks to our team of SPECIALISTS


Hospitality and catering, tourism and agri-food

Healthcare, paramedical and pharmaceutical fields

Road and sea logistics and maritime

Professions in industry and engineering

Construction Mining and urban planning

Secretarial, accounting and HR

Sales, marketing and communication

Banking, finance and insurance

IT professions

The benefits

international recruitment

Take advantage of a wide choice of applications

Thanks to our pool of candidates

International expertise

Benefit from the expertise of workers from all over the world

Secure your workstations

Take advantage of workers attached to your structure with closed work permits. 24 to 36 months minimum


Make your recruitment more profitable with motivated and grateful workers